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My mission is to unleash the STAR inside all of us and inspire others to GO for their dreams. Stargo is a Life Cheerleading endeavor designed to inspire and motivate. I bring INSPIRATION, CHEER and SUNSHINE to the world. Love is what fuels our dreams and keep us on Cloud 9.


I will also help you GO for it with strategic marketing and branding concepts, art design, social media and PR strategy, career consultation, copy editing, writing, industry connection outreach and holistic services such as Reiki, aromatherapy, chakra balancing, feng shui, crystal therapy and energy alchemy.


Making a difference in the world is my priority and I currently support many charities – primarily causes that support children and women. Favorite causes close to my heart include One Hope United, Charity4LIFE, Hasana and Aparecio Foundation.


Writing is my passion and I am currently finishing my first book “Life Is Your Party...With A Little Pixie Dust” and have an inspirational blog called


I am now a certified Reiki master, energy alchemist and will soon receive a holistic life coaching certification from Divine Blessings Academy specializing in chakra balancing, Self Love Reiki, Divine Path Reiki, feng shui and emotional freedom technique (EFT).


All you need is love. It’s true. We have forgotten this simple fact and I want to gently remind you all of this. Love starts within. Once you truly love yourself, you attract the best love possible. I am excited to be on this journey of self love with all of you. Let’s all in love with life together and change the world. It's time to ignite the inner light.






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